Thursday, September 2, 2010

trying a new hair stylist, Charlton from Renato's

Is there any better pick-me-up than a new do? Whee! I had grown tired of snagging my combs and fingers in damaged ends, so I decided to try a hair stylist that I have been meaning to try ever since Anita waltzed into my shop swinging her gorgeous, long brown locks. Renato hair salon is just down the road, number 145 on beautiful Bilderdijkstraat, and Charlton there gave me this new, layered long look. I will remain faithful to Rudy for my highlights, but it's great to be able to get my hair styled and trimmed just a block down from La Naranja. Charlton is from Brazil and the salon has had a successful ten years here. I can see why. Consummate professionals, very friendly and a terrific free cappuchino! I'll be back; thanks, Charlton, I love it! *skip* *swing*


  1. Sexier and lighter ! Beijos Su !

  2. Thanks Anita...I owe it to you for telling me about Charlton. Merry Christmas!


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