Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The New Year begins. Again.

So, today, January 7th, is actually the REAL end of the holiday season. Here in Amsterdam I noticed a sudden pile of Christmas trees at the rubbish tube. Yes! We have rubbish tubes. Quite nice, actually. I walk half a block and can deposit my refuse, recyclable paper and bottles in three neat little bins, about the size of a USA mailbox. They are connected to huge underground vats, which are dramatically lifted out of the ground periodically and emptied by big trucks with cranes. It's all very clean and convenient.


  1. Now I remember you telling me about the refuse receptacles, which I think sound ingenious. Post some pics of them! Are they color-coded? Do Amsterdammits have brown ones for bongwater, or do they just pour it down the drain?

  2. Bong water is filtered through the coffee machines and served to tourists, who remark on it's distinct, strong flavor. Just kidding.


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