Thursday, February 21, 2008

Smart car in Rome

In response to the overwhelming requests (thanks, Bill) for more pics, I must hold you all at bay with the promise that more will be published as soon as I figure out the watermark thingie on photoshop, so I can protect these lil gems o' mine.

This picture is especially for Bill

Bill and I like Smart cars and we have pictures to prove it. We had fun with ours in Spain, but if you are crazy enough to drive in Rome, than by all means, a Smart car is the largest thing you should be driving. You will be very, very happy the first time you attempt to park.


  1. ...and you can't help but be happy in a car that grins.

  2. I saw my very first smart car today in Florida. It was yellow, and it made me wish I was back in Italy! Love your blog!



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