Sunday, April 27, 2008


A view of Westermarkt from the canals 20-April 2008
I'm having a blast discovering this beautiful area where the big canals (Prinsen-, Keiser- Herengracht and Singel) meet Brouwersgracht up on the northwest end of the Centruum near Centraal station. Great for bike riding. Mostly residential but never more than a block away from a cute shop, a brown bar or cafe. The northernmost part of the Singel has a mini-red light district. Hardly a full-blown district, just the occasional window or two down a quiet side street. These ladies seem to serve a quieter clientele, whilst the lager louts tend to find their pleasure in the older (and I think seedier) RLD more toward Gelderskade and Rokin on the east side of the center.


  1. This is the news I've been waiting for. I like the idea of a quiet, lout-free RLD. I'm going to move here and become AmsterHo.

  2. ROFL Bill!!!!! OMG. Amsterho, quick take the domain name before it goes! lol lol


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