Thursday, May 1, 2008

Queen's Day - Amsterdam 2008

On the right, folks checking out the street sales and Dutch flags flying. Yard sales are unheard of in the Netherlands, but on Queen's Day everybody is permitted to sell things.
I barely caught these orange hot tub guys before they disappeared under a bridge. Then, my camera battery died. The guy below found an innovative way to carry his QD street purchase home....Um...not sure why this text is all underlined. Also peeved that I am unable to arrange these photos to my liking, but I guess I get what I pay for. I'll deal.

The weather cooperated for this Queen's day and a lovely time was had by all. Only 20 police arrests, same as a normal weekend. Pretty amazing considerng 500,000 people were added to this city of 700,000 for one celebration. Reports say we're 100,000 less than last year, probably because of cloudy skies. I spent this QD in Jordaan, and if you want the real Dutch experience, I suggest you go there instead of any of the big pleins. Lively and crowded, but with a gentle smiling atmosphere. I saw a female drum corp, several impromptu small singing groups, barbecued sausages, raw food muffins, caphirinas (oh yeah, had a few of those), japanese pancakes, exotic teas, a great stage band playing 80s favorites, drag queens, lots of orange cowboy hats and smiles smiles smiles. I bought a CD from an older sing-along Dutch group, "Het Zwanenkoor" that was performing in the street, then I bought a cloth bag from India for ten euros to carry it home in. Hoera voor Nederland! Hoera Oranje!!! (shot of me by Brett Laumeister)


  1. You look lovely!

    The guy carrying the thingy on his head looks handsome. Please send me his phone number or email address.

    That daggone cat pillow that David made you fools me every time.

  2. Funny, Bill, cause as I was posting it occurred to me that you would find him attractive. He kinda looks like he could be in another century.

  3. It is me! I wasn't sure if you'd even remember me, and I wasn't sure it was you till I saw your photo. You look exactly the same!

    Thanks for reading my blog. I'm so confused as to what to do next, but I know I'll figure it out.

  4. TABITHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! This is an Historic AmsterZanne Blog Moment!!! You actually found me purely through my blog??? How did you stumble upon me??? Let's take this to email I'm dying to catch up wit ya! Keep blogging about journalistic stuff you notice and hold onto your ethics You are brilliant about this stuff, and the time has come for people to be more media savvy. I'm listing your blog. *trying to guess what color your hair could possibly be streaks???*


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