Thursday, December 18, 2008

News Anchor Fashion

'tis the little things that make expat life so interesting. Netherland news anchor fashion, as demonstrated below by Miss-Just-Jogged-Over-From-The-Breakfast-Table AND as demonstrated on the right by the It's-Wednesday-And-I'll-Wear-Red-Satin-If-I-Want-To weather lady here. The most surreal aspect of this, to those of us raised by well-groomed USA fantasy news people, is that both the super casual anchor AND the extra "glamorous" weather lady appeared in the same newscast. Believe me, to an American, this is very disturbing.


  1. This reminds me of the old Mystery Date game, where you win only if your style of attire matches your potential date's outfit.
    AnchorGal is lamenting: AWWWW! She's dressed for a cocktail party!

  2. I remember in Italy, a newscaster standing as she broadcast (camera back) and sort of slouched all over her podium. But, like an Italian, she looked fabulous all the while. - Richmond Jean

  3. So funny! You're right - the US anchors always look like Ken and Barbie. I remember competing in the Miss America system when we were all told to go for the "news anchor look". I'm not a fan of the red satin, but I would kill for a job where I could just-jog-over-from-the-breakfast-table and get my work day started!


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