Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I saw the Richard Avedon at FOAM, a gallery in Amsterdam.  I  liked that the first image one encountered was the famous portrait of Martha Graham with the elephants. I was sort of glad to get it out of the way. The most startling image was one of Katherine Hepburn, who I was sure was David Bowie until I looked at the title. The shot of Marilyn Monroe almost moved me to tears. it's so simple, and I've seen it a million times, but she looks so vulnerable and lost when you see it lifesize. Interesting. I was glad I saw the exhibit. I was not glad that i had to wait in the rain for 10 minutes. Awnings are often prohibited by the city building code, and that's the case at FOAM, so bring your brellie!! Speaking of which, I've changed my umbrella loyalty from Knirps to Senz---made by a Dutch guy, but more on that later.

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  1. The one where Martha Graham was teaching them to pirouette, right?


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