Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sun Grabbers

deHerengracht Cafe on Herengracht at Leidsestraat has hit the season in full swing. People braved the cold in their coats and there was not a seat to be had, which is usual for this sun- and-be-seen Amsterdam favorite spot. Next door a couple of gentlemen enjoy their own sunny spot.

Here is a woman and her dog relaxing outside a home on the canal belt, grabbing some afternoon gezellig in their personal spot of sun. After a long Dutch winter people are desperate for sun, and this is a common sight. Even though it's still scarf and boots weather, people will drag little bits of living room onto their stoop and soak up their sun right smack in full public view. An interesting mix of public and private mindedness, the Dutch. While it's perfectly acceptable to conduct your private relaxation time on the public street, it is not acceptable to stare, nor take a picture, which I did very discreetly and hastily.

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