Tuesday, February 23, 2010

uh oh, ice patch

A victim of seasonal transition, I write here laid up in bed where I am nursing bruised, possibly cracked ribs.

I slipped on a patch of ice Saturday while running to catch a tram, and unlike the usual trip-stumble-recover, this misstep slammed me flat on the concrete and momentarily stunned me. I landed on my ribs. Ouch.

Never had this kind of injury before, and I really would not recommend it.

The weather had just turned, and since most of the ice had disappeared, I had stopped being careful about it. That was unintelligent move number one. Unintelligent move number two was that I put myself in the position to have to be running for the tram. I wonder how many people in Amsterdam are injured annually trying to catch their tram. And I wonder if that number skyrockets during icy conditions.

So, be careful out there! Winter still threatens!

My mother, the consummate alternative healing advocate, has emailed me long accounts about the healing properties of castor oil, and since three days of rest is producing no improvement, I intend to pursue this ancient treatment. I'll keep you posted. I find it interesting that in Dutch, castor translates as "wonder olie." May its wonders work on me.

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  1. GAH!
    I had no idea! Banged up ribs are horribly painful. I am so sorry! Have your housemate shake you a double martini.


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