Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a winter it has been.

The normally crowded Film Museum's patio had plenty of available tables that day! Oh waiter!

Two friends walking in snowy Vondelpark, Amsterdam, me and my buddy Bill.

With the first rays of sunshine I am ready to put away my coat and throw on a tank top, but the sunny scene outside my morning window is accompanied by freezing temperatures (literally, 32F) and mean gusts of March wind.

Everyone is itching for spring after this long cold winter, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give winter 2010 one last nod before we turn our gaze to the next season.

Amsterdam saw a snowy winter unlike it has had here for 28 years, and what a glorious change to see a blanket of white in December instead of the usual wet concrete. My buddy Bill was here briefly during a snowfall, and I happily just stumbled upon some pics we snapped while he was visiting. The snow is gone now, but a few weeks ago Amsterdam looked like this:

Vondelpark December 2010

couple in Vondelpark

Available seat-t-t-ting, brrr.


  1. UGH...that humongous man-eating coat that shoots sparks.
    I cannot wait to hang that thing in the back of the closet. We're finally seeing signs of SPRING here!


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