Sunday, July 11, 2010

Game on?

The Netherlands is playing Spain, and I have been in a quandry as to where to throw my support. I have decided to honor my Gemini heart and go for both. Holland gets my support during the day, then, after La Naranja closes I'm off to find los Espanoles and root for ESPANA!!! Can't help it, Holland, I love ya, but Spain is in my heart. Having said that, if the Netherlands does emerge the victor, I am sure I will be swept up in that excitement, so, I believe I have carved out a win win sitation for myself. May the best team win!!!!


  1. Suzanne! Rachel found me on Facebook and told me about your blog! I enjoyed reading your posts! You've hardly changed since college. Your store looks really cute. Take care!
    Dawn Atkins Stanford

  2. Dawn! So nice to hear from you, and you are too kind. Bonnycastle is mixed gals and guys now, somehow, I feel it must not be as special. Makes me smile to hear from you, thanks for dropping in!


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