Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amsterdam Sail 2010

I did go to Sail 2010, and quite the to-do it was. I believe that the entire population of the Netherlands converged at the event. It was quite the mob scene, so much so that I aborted my first attempt. When I returned on Saturday, I knew more what to expect.

There was no going against the prescribed route around the harbor, unless you wanted to feel like a tadpole going against a stream of salmon. I only made it aboard a few of the ships. Because of the huge turnout the lower levels of the ships were closed, and after waiting on line to get on a few decks I soon tired of that particular game.

I got some good shots and got out. Really, it was way too much of a crowd for me, and there was no way to get near the beautiful ships without being in the thick of it. All went well, but as I was being funneled through one particularly tight spot I did think of the stampede in Germany earlier this summer. And it was about then that I turned back. Riding home was heavenly, as absolutely everyone had deserted the streets to see the ships.

The new architecture pictured is of the mixed-use area recently built behind the harbor. I like the way they managed to keep some of the old structures amid the new glass walls.

To me the fun bit was all the little private boats participating. I had never seen the harbor so choked with such a variety of sea vessels.

I'm glad the event was proclaimed a success. The weather held fairly well, until the sail out on Monday morning.


  1. Marvelous photos! You turned the gloomy lighting into the camera's advantage. You got skills, girl.

  2. aw, shucks, thanks, I have to give credit to GIMP, a pretty nifty free download that enables me to brighten, sharpen, crop, et cetera. For these, I actually added a lot of yellow.


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