Wednesday, August 4, 2010

just a blip on the radar

Well, it's raining as I write this from our cosy shop on a mild Wednesday afternoon, but if you are in town for the Gay Pride festivities, take heart, because it just won't rain on our parade, I promise you. Come on, everybody think zon zon zon voor zaterdag (sun sun sun for Saturday!). Seriously, today is the worst weather predicted all week, so buck up, Bonzo!

Where will YOU be for Saturday's canal parade? I may try to catch the beginning of it (starts at 2 pm), camera in hand, of course. I have pretty much despaired of trying to get a place on one of the bridges. Don't want to hang in one spot for hours to get the good seats. But, I am open to all balcony invitations. Free photos for all hosts!

Speaking of party terraces, I passed a delightful late afternoon yesterday on the balcony of the Film Museum enjoying a biertje at the Gay Pride opening cocktail party. It was low key and friendly, some feathers and finery to be seen but most people saving up the good stuff for later. After all, you don't want to break out the heirloom drag outfits till parade day.

There are events scheduled every afternoon and evening up till and including Sunday, so don't be shy, check out the calendar here, www.weareproudlnl.

If you are considering joining us at the last minute, first of all: Shame on you! Plan ahead for Amsterdam hotels! The prices skyrocket here at the last minute. I have recently found out about a voucher site, so you procrastinators just may be saved if you go here first for your discount code: they currently are offering a discount of 10% off Hotel Bookings at

Plenty of things going on this week, from wild parties to subdued cultural events, and no matter what your preference in personal partners, Gay Pride week is a very fun and lighthearted time to be in Amsterdam. A definite must-see for photographers.


  1. Thanks to you, I can picture the Film Museum! I remember the cool tile floor in the lobby from our snowy day walking the park.
    I know we can count on you for some great photos from the Pride Festival.

  2. Yes, exactly Bill! And here is a link to that patio in winter


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