Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amsterdam Hotels

I'm delighted to write this post, as I have recently picked up a few lodging tips and I and busting to share them with you, dear reader. As I've mentioned in previous posts, getting a quality room for cheap is quite difficult here.

To that end, here are two places that I have heard are quite comfortable.

The first is the Palace B&B, which I first discovered through my colorist, Rudy, as he owns the joint. I can't tell you how many times I have been sitting in the chair at his salon whilst happy lodgers drop off their key, promising to book again the next time. But it wasn't until my housemate visited a friend staying there that heard first hand just how nice it was. Not plush, but beautifully appointed. Nice linens. Coffee maker and stuff to make your own breakfast. Kind of nice to come and go without a reception, just as though you are living on your own in Amsterdam for a night or so.

DJ had booked the largest room, which had a seating area that could be curtained off from the sleeping area, for 109 euros a night, September. DJ regularly cruises, first class, on the Queen Mary, and he can afford any hotel in town. He was so impressed with the Palace B&B that he re-booked when in town on business a week later. I guess he was not so taken with the fancy schmancy Hotel 717 that he had stayed in previously. (downchecks to that place: no awning over the front door and one must wait, in the rain, to be let in; also, in the biggest suite two couches that faced each other were separated by a table that was level with eyes of people sitting, rendering the seating area basically non-functional.)

The other economic gem I've heard about is the Euphemia Hotel. The positive reviews came from a well-traveled Danish woman in her seventies. She said it was fine, and quiet.

I have read that prices have dropped a bit from last year, but still, a normal hotel room will run you about 125 a night, even booking in advance. And, unlike some cities, here the prices go up, not down, at the last minute. Feeling brave? The prices will drop on those discount hotel sites after 2 pm on the day you want the room, if you are willing to risk it.

And of course, my services as Hotel Checker are still available.

Me, I'd opt for one of the above places so you can arrive and relax and forget about hotels during your trip. I have been with friends that book from night to night, and that means getting up early and spending every morning of your holiday traipsing around looking for a good deal for the next night, repacking and unpacking and moving your luggage. Ugh, not my idea of a holiday.

We are in the rainy season, but still a lot of green left on the trees, and there may be a glorious autumnal day out there yet before Old Man Winter bears down on us for real. Well, off to work. Come by and visit La Naranja, and say howdy!

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  1. I'm all over Rudy's B&B. Nice! That's an excellent lodging tip.


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