Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shopping in your underwear!

Wow, here's an idea for those of you needing to tame a wild hair: strip and save money at Desigual on December 28.

Yeah! Show up at the Desigual on Kalverstraat in your underwear, but get there early, because only the first 100 of you will get the reward: a free outfit from the shop.

Here's the link, for the intrepid among you.

(Photo taken in Second Life by my alter ego, Xanna Ziskey, in SL Amsterdam)


  1. Woman's Voice (crackly 1950's PA system):
    Art Frahm. Paging Mr. Art Frahm. Please go to the nearest courtesy phone to call Ladies Lingerie.

  2. Anmd those who show up with cameras will get rewarded as well


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