Friday, April 11, 2008

De Katten

Naptime is a treasured event in our household, and it's always better with a cat. Amsterdam is a wonderful place to have cats. It's nice to have something warm and furry to come home to when you've been slogging through the wind and rain all day. But there is a practical reason as well: water runs all under and through the city, and the conditions are perfect for mice. Our fierce twosome have dispatched several, sending them on to the great cheese in the sky. The gorgeous tuxedo calico in the foreground is Dot, who's graced me with her presence for over ten years now. The multicolored calico is Quila, a two-year-old angel devil who adopted us in Spain, and is the apple of my beloved's eye.

1 comment:

  1. I ♥ me some Dot! I remember when she was small as a dot.

    I'll bet that cheese in the sky is Gouda.


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