Monday, April 13, 2009

What's available now at the flower market.


  1. The Flower Market...what a wonderful place to hang out!

  2. Hey Suzanne!

    It's June, our birthday month, and I thought I would do an internet search for you and look what I found, Your beautiful blog! I was thrilled to see your beautiful bridal pictures and to learn of your beloved. I wish the two of you every happiness!

    I always think of you at this time of the year and remember you most especially on our birthday. We are all well and happy in Dallas with all 5 kids home for the summer. Nathan in college, John Henry and James in highschool, Rebecca going in to 7th grade, and Peter just made his First Holy Communion and will be in 3rd grade next year. These are wild days, and sometimes none too pretty, but I must say that it is a LIFE! Chuck does nothing but work all the hours that God gives him, but we are grateful for the work that he has!

    Thinking of you and remember happy days in years gone by!

    Love, Rachel

    ps You still have the most beautiful hair and such a great figure! You go girl!

  3. RACHEL!!!! Oh my heavens as I live and breathe! I can't believe you found me on my blog! Oh please email me at so we can catch up. This truly made my day. It can NOT be decades ago that we were new students at University of Virginia, on our way to dinner and delightedly discovering that we both shared the June 21 birthday. I'm so, so happy to hear from you my dear friend, do write to me!!

  4. Nice post! I think maybe I will post something similar because there are some great flowers in now too :)
    I was really surprised with all the flower varieties here... I have never seen so many different and beautiful flowers... even for someone coming from the (semi?) tropics!


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