Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back from Spain!

Hi Everyone! We're back from Las Alpujarras, a mountain range in Spain. What lovely unspoiled scenery, here's a sample. We found lots of nooks and crannies and collected all sort of goodies for La Naranja. We're waiting on some deliveries from Spain and doing the final preparations! Lots of great photos to sift through. Busy Busy Busy!


  1. Orgiva is lovely, but did you go to the xenophobic Village of the Damned that we wandered through?

  2. Hi there Suzanne ! I have been following you blog for a while (I love your photos) and you received today an "Awe-sum Award". I am serious, please visit my blog!

  3. Wow thanks Anita I sure will visit I was in Spain again and now just catching up on things.


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