Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What shop?

At this point, we are very close to opening. But every time I say that, 100 more must-do-tasks magically appear between the utterance and said "O Day."

Every step has been chock full of surprises, most of which caused delays. I've been woefully neglectful of this blog, thus, I'm sure, disappointing legions of faithful readers *cough*. So, I'll offer a few photos of what's happening while we get things ready for O-Day. These are pictures of La Naranja products, the Spanish region that supplies our shop and La Naranja renovation in progress, enjoy!! Meanwhile, check out the latest on La Naranja news at


  1. The stuff for your shop looks lovely!

  2. Hey Suzanne! Our computer has been broken most of the summer, but I'm back online and just checking out your blog. What great stuff for your shop! Hope it is open and humming with business!


  3. The things you have on display are worth visiting the shop. Keep me posted for when you open, it's just 10 miles down the road.

  4. Thanks everyone. Will do, Peter! Should be within a few weeks, we are really getting close. We will post "we're open" both here and on the site when we actually open the doors. Thanks for your interest!


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