Tuesday, November 3, 2009

De Drie Graefjes

Happy November everybody! Well I kicked off the month at a brunch on Sunday with a great group of gals from the Women's Meetup Group of Amsterdam, of which I have somehow become Assistant Organizer, in title at least.

Barb, our real organizer, suggested De Drie Graefjes, a cosy little eatery just off Dam Square. There were fifteen of us, and we claimed half of the tiny upstairs of the restaurant. De Drie Graefjes offers a lot of brunch items. Plenty of yummy muffins and cookies, egg dishes, croques, tosties, healthy sandwiches, salads and more.

I thought the service was very competent, as we all arrived at different times and ordered different things yet we never wanted for anything. I thought 12 euros for coffee, mineral water and a croque with egg and cheese and tip was very reasonable for the heart of the tourist trap. It was great to see a full turnout for this meetup, and I met some new people and was pleased to find a lot of women eager to dive into the culture season, just starting here. One new acquaintance and I are going to take advantage of Museum Night this Friday at the Van Gogh, before we slip away to the American-owned Jet Lounge for another Ladies Meetup. Oh My God I'm actually having a social life!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing the folks at the other end of the table that I wasn't able to speak with. Such an interesting and diverse group of women, from all over the globe. It's especially important to get out and about now that it's so dark and dreary much of the time. Sometimes it's easy to get into the trap of waiting for nice weather to do anything, but if you do that here, you'll be immobile till April.

So, yes, it was raining by the time I left the brunch and I soaked my thighs on the bike ride home, but really, what's the big deal. I've been wet before, I think I can handle it. See, I'm going native already.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Suzanne! It's John Schlichting from college! Rachel and I are Facebook friends and she told me about your blog in a message last night. You look EXACTLY THE SAME! We can't be 50. My eldest is now at UVa, first right Bonnycastle! Write me at jschlichting@jbg.com

  2. The suave blond gentleman from The University! My stars! How fun that you found me through Rachel. Your kind compliment cracked me up; I assure you, photos lie, especially when yours truly is in charge of pose, post-production, et al. Far be it from me to post the "oh yeah, she's older," pics, lol. Thanks for commenting, and finding me, and giving me your email. I'll drop a line!

  3. What??? I nod off for a moment, and suddenly you have a social life in Amsterdam?
    Yippee! You have fun with your new gal pals. I couldn't be more thrilled that it's not just work+home for you.


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