Friday, November 6, 2009


Nice chat last night at Cafe Gollem in the centrum with the Foodie and Drinks Meetup group. So many people moving in and out of Amsterdam all the time, trying to figure it out, meeting and greeting and working and seeking work and falling in and out of love. As Liz, the Meetup organizer said, the story of "how did you get here" often involves a flame no longer burns.

Cafe Gollem
is a classic brown cafe. The brown bars, or brown cafe's, refer to the classic Dutch pub. Think dark wood, rickety bar stools, native Dutch speakers and decor that could be hundreds of years old. Don't think about the bathroom, which will possibly be a crudely plumbed ceramic urn under a pull-chain tank atop a cracked tile floor. You will probably not have toilet paper or much space to maneuver. But this is the Real Amsterdam, and Cafe Gollem delivers in spades. High on atmosphere, low on space, with lots and lots and lots of different tasty brews to try from all over the world. I went for a Chimay Wit (white), and thoroughly enjoyed it.



  1. LOL at the bathroom description.
    It reminds me of Sidewalk Cafe here in town. The bathroom is barely navigable; one's elbows seem to take on enormous & unmanageable proportions. The loo is so tiny that the Thumbelina sink is located outside in the wee hallway.
    On the plus side, even though their food is fabulous, the Sidewalk is really more of a drinking spot, so maybe the tight bathroom quarters help keep patrons upright.

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