Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whee, new rugs!!

I'm so happy with the changes we made, now with all the pretty new colorful rugs in one room with the tapestries. It's so cozy down there, just in time for winter!!! People are loving our rugs! Thank heavens!! By George, we may have found our niche in Amsterdam. People do appreciate seeing nice things they've never seen before, and knowing what a tough time Spain is having now, I can't wait to sell everything we have at La Naranja and hurry back on a buying trip to help keep the Andalusian economy rolling.

Happy Thursday everybody, thanks for dropping by! If you are in Amsterdam, it's late shopping day, as it is every Thursday, and we will join the many shops that stay open until 9 p.m.


  1. Zanne, Laura Nestor Lynch- wahoo-wa! Rachel Landry Helms sent me a link via facebook. Beautiful hair, beautiful blog. If I ever go to Amsterdam I would definitely come to La Naranja!

  2. The beautiful Laura, my stars!!! Thanks for the nice comment and for finding me. Yes, it's Wahoo month on my blog! Thanks for stopping by, "Nurse Nestor"!


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