Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy December!!!

Hi there everybody!!! Wow what a busy December it's been so far. Our winter display is up and we are busy with promotion at La Naranja and, just to make things interesting, we decided to move house at this time as well.

We have a new hood! After four lovely years in Oud West's yuppified Helmbersbuurt, living right smack dab next to Restaurant Blue Pepper, we have picked up our (way too many) belongings and headed southeast to a funky and friendly area on the edge of De Pijp. We are a stone's throw from both the Amstel river and the end of the Albert Cuyp market. I can't wait to explore!!!


  1. Hoi Suzanne !
    I have always in the back of my head that I must visit your shop. When I checked the address I realised it is just very near my hairdresser, Brazilian Renato (Bilderdijkstraat 145). I would like to take some pics of your shop and send you some questions for a post in my blog, what do you think ?

  2. Hoi, Anita!! Super! Sure, just come by any time. Our opening hours are posted at, but if you would like to arrange a meeting outside of those hours I would be happy to accommodate you. Thank you so much for your interest!

  3. Okidoki. I will try to schedule with you in the first weeks of January. I have to go to a party and need to go to the hairdresser. Have a wonderful Christmas and GREAT 2010 !!

  4. Oh you were just around the corner from me for all of those four years! :) Well goodbye, have fun in teh Pijp!

  5. It's not adieu, Amanda. We still work nearby, just over the bridge from the Taco Mundo. How's that for a glamorous set of directions. So now I get to spend my time in the two coolest parts of the city, the West AND the South. I'm liking it.


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