Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tai chi at the willow in Sarphati

I cycle past this splendid low weeping willow every morning, and it is changing daily as the leaves take hold and grow. In the center of Sarphati Park, tram 3, at the end of Cuyp market in de Pijp.

Tai chi in the park, a sure sign of spring! My housemate has been exercising in this (Sarphati) park lately, and it looks like others are as well. A former step aerobics instructor, he was doing step exercises with headphones on by himself, and suddenly noticed that a group of children had gathered behind him, giggling, pointing and feebly attempting to follow his steps. I wish I had a picture of that.

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  1. What a keen story. I can just picture it, and I'm sure the audience was appreciated.


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