Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Desperate for SPRING!!!!!

Will it ever come?!?!?! This has been one long, cold winter indeed, evolving into a brisk, chilly spring. I wandered around today and yesterday looking for signs of warmer weather. Here are a few things I stumbled across in my quest for signs of spring:

I wandered past one of my favorite neighborhood plazas, De Costaplein in Amsterdam West. There, efforts have been made to encourage the early blooms in a planter here and there, but bare branches still say "winter."

Amsterdammers love a touch of whimsy, and I was quite taken with this unique number on somebody's front door.

A quick capture from the Jacob van Lennepkade bridge looking down Bilderdijkstraat includes very little foliage. Blue sky is a nice change, however, so you'll hear no complaining about the weather from moi. The chairs stacked at the end of the bridge rail in the center belong to Kade 58 restaurant, one of the gem eateries in this area. Kade 58 has never disappointed, and in the summer their outdoor tables extend all over the place, spilling down the side street and up to the point on the bridge where this photo was taken. The white framed window in the midground is theirs. On the left one of the newer trams whizzes past.

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